Amy Schumer always has a joyful expression on her face, but it isn’t always the case that folks who laugh don’t have difficulties. Fans may be surprised to learn of Amy’s personal struggles. Amy Schumer recently opened up about her battle of hair-pulling disorder Trichotillomania.

Amy Schumer has revealed a personal hardship. The Life & Beth actor, director, and writer revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that her character’s struggle with Trichotillomania in the Hulu series is based on her own.

Trichotillomania is a mental disease characterized by persistent, overwhelming cravings to remove hair from your scalp, eyebrows, or other parts of your body, despite your best efforts to stop.

When the camera cuts to a mound of hair and hushed remarks about needing a wig, that’s exactly what viewers witness in the penultimate episode of Schumer’s series. Schumer had a similar experience as a youngster when she ripped out so much hair that she needed a wig, which “everyone knew” when she returned to school.

“I think everybody has a big secret and that’s mine. And I’m proud that my big secret only hurts me, but it’s been what I’ve carried so much shame about for so long.” 

“It’s not that I used to have this problem and now I don’t. It’s still something that I struggle with.”

“Every time he touches his head I’m having a heart attack.”

“I really don’t want to have a big secret anymore.”

“I thought putting it in there would be good for me to alleviate some of my shame and maybe, hopefully, help others alleviate some of theirs, too.”

Amy Schumer opens out about her personal fight, which she has been dealing with for years. Amy is depressed as a result of her illness. Hopefully, she will be able to recover from her condition. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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