Latto has yet to reveal the identity of the male artist who fought her over the clearance of his appearance on her new studio album, 777, and she won’t have to if she doesn’t want to. Thousands of music fans have been analyzing the Atlanta-based artist’s track-list to determine which rapper pressed her over a feature, making this hip-next hop’s whodunnit.

Fans have focused their attention on Kodak Black, who recently stated that he expected to sleep with all of his female collaborators, but Yak claimed that he isn’t the one Latto is referring to. However, according to Dyryk, Kodak’s engineer, there was some drama with the collaboration.

The producer divulged some behind-the-scenes details, calling Latto a “diva” and alleging that she wanted a feature from Kodak but asked for a swap, meaning she would also do a feature for him. When Kodak’s crew allegedly declined, they allegedly offered Latto a trade with Yak’s female artist, asking her to make a feature for the lesser-known artist in exchange for a verse from Kodak.

When that option was presented to him, Latto allegedly chose the first, paying Kodak his feature fee and agreed not to exchange verses. After Dyryk’s account gained popularity online, Kodak responded to a comment by asserting himself and saying that he was not the person Latto was referring to, and that he would be terminating the engineer for disclosing industry secrets.


Kodak stated he’s not tripping over the present scenario while going live on Instagram, praising Latto and stating she “snapped” on the album and enjoying their song together. “Kodak needs a new engineer… he should’ve just kept silent,” one of his supporters said. “Faxtz Homie,” said the artist, agreeing. Check out the post below.

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