Big Latto joined the remix of Omeretta The Great’s “Sorry Not Sorry” after co-signing the controversial track. When Omeretta’s track initially came out, she made a major stir in the south since she clarified what is and isn’t considered to be Atlanta proper. It seems she is again under fire for dissing her peers.

The rapper mentioned numerous other counties and neighbors, letting her friends know that while they may have been born nearby, they cannot legitimately call themselves Atlanta residents. This seemingly innocuous remark sparked a dispute that reached local news stations.

Anchors even weighed in, and subsequently, Latto, who is said to be from Clayton County or ClayCo, agreed with Omeretta’s point of view. The pair recently collaborated on a remix of the song, in which Latto mentions many Atlanta musicians.

Latto seemingly takes a jab on Ciara, Migos, and 21 Savage, prompting music fans to accuse her of trying to diss her peers. The Queen of Da Souf rapper responded to the rumors on Twitter.

Y’all I’m not dissing the people I named on the verse!!! I’m saying so Migos is not Atlanta?? 21, Ciara, Ludacris etc because they technically not from the city but helped make it is what it is!

Latto certainly has a bright future ahead of her and it is clear she couldn’t care less what her critics think about her life. JT from City Girls commended Latto’s involvement in “Sorry Not Sorry (Remix).” Check out some of the tweets below.

Gunjan Nath

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