Kyrie Irving led the Brooklyn Nets to a dominant victory in Orlando recently. The Nets are fighting for playoff position in the Eastern Conference. Kyrie proved just how valuable he was as he lit up the Magic in an unprecedented performance. Recently, Kyrie revealed his pick for this year’s NBA MVP.

When it comes to the NBA MVP debate, analysts and voters place varying weights on various factors. For some, the most significant factor is your team’s record, especially if you are the number one choice on the roster. Devin Booker, who has led the Phoenix Suns to one of their best records in franchise history, is the best number one on the best team in the NBA.

Unfortunately, Booker has been mostly overlooked in MVP discussions, as the focus has largely been on Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic. At least one person believes Booker is deserving of the MVP award, and that person is none other than Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving. Following Booker’s 49-point performance against the Denver Nuggets, Kyrie turned to Twitter to declare D-Book the MVP.

MVP: @DevinBook [crown emojis]

Even if Booker deserves the MVP, it is quite improbable that he will receive it at this moment. These days, the MVP award is only given to guys who are leading a rather weak team. Jokic, for example, is playing without Jamal Murray, so many people think what he’s doing is incomparably more spectacular because he has so little help. Check out the tweet below.

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