Kodak Black’s name is often attached to controversy, and this situation is no different. Now there are accusations about him that need clearing up.

Latto generated a ton of controversy after stating that she wouldn’t reveal the name of the man who made it difficult for her to clear a feature. In just a few hours, Latto’s 777 album will arrive, but while promoting the project on Big Boy’s Neighborhood in Los Angeles, she revealed she was facing some unforeseen circumstances.

According to her, a male feature slid in her DMs and when she wouldn’t answer him, he didn’t want to clear the record. After fans accused Kodak Black of being the person responsible, he jumped online to deny it was him.

Later on, Latto resurfaced online to say wishes she never said anything in the first place and would never name the man involved. When the news started doing circles on social media, Dyryk, friend and collaborator to Kodak, came forward with some harsh criticism about Latto.

Dyryk revealed his version of what went on behind the scenes. He wrote, “Let me fill you in on what this bullsh*t with @latto777 is all about,” Dyryk further said, “She asked for a feature a while back. We charged her our normal rate and she wanted a swap,” he added,

Since her verse won’t really do anything for us, we asked for a swap for our female artist and charged her substantially less. She declined and said she was going to not use the record.”

Dyryk also claimed that Latto returned to accept the first offer without their artist. He added, “Now she’s on some bullsh*t that she was made uncomfortable And holding up your album? I know you’re not talking about us.”

“You were on your diva sh*t when no one is getting in the car playing your records. You’re whole album had legal issues (I’m on the email chain) stop tryna pull this fictitious fueled empathy card for sales.”

Dyryk then proceeded to accuse Latto of trying to “assassinate my brothers character,” so Dyryk has made it his mission to “destroy” hers. He concluded his explosive rant by stating that Latto won’t namedrop who is responsible because “she’s full of sh*t.”

We will have to see where this situation leads, but Latto and Kodak Black’s working relationship is strained, to say the least.

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