Kanye West has got himself into a tricky situation after posting racially inappropriate comments towards Trevor Noah. Trevor on the other hand responded back to Ye in the most heartwarming way possible. It seems Noah has now reacted to Ye being pulled from the Grammy performance.

Kanye West’s performance at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards was cancelled due to his disturbing internet activity, according to the Recording Academy. Grammy host Trevor Noah – one of several Kanye targeted on Instagram last week — reacted to the Academy’s decision in a recent tweet.

I said counsel Kanye not cancel Kanye.

According to CNN, a source close to Noah further revealed, “Trevor never asked the Grammys to ban Kanye from performing. He was not offended by Kanye’s Instagram post and Trevor responded on Instagram. The notion that Trevor or his team asked the Grammys to ban Kanye is ridiculous.”


After The Daily Show presenter made some comments regarding Ye’s social media habits during a recent show, Kanye shouted a racial epithet at Noah. Noah also referred to Kanye’s actions as aggressive and referred to the controversial “Eazy” films in which Davidson is buried alive and decapitated.

Kanye retaliated with an Instagram post featuring a photo of the South African, who is 38 years old. Noah emphasized his concern for Ye’s mental health in a comment on the since-deleted post. The Game, Kanye West’s “Eazy” partner, also reacted to his omission from the Grammys.

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