Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley allegedly called it quits, but they keep seeing each other. The two were recently spotted out in Los Olivos this weekend and it appears that they had a good time together.

Rodgers’ offseason is off to a good start. He recently signed a three-year, $150 million contract extension with his longtime team. He’s also back in California with his girlfriend, sipping a little red wine and cashing in chips, riding out the high of his big payday.

According to TMZ, this photo was taken Saturday at the Demetria Winery, and as you can see, Aaron is chillin’ with his shades on and his glass tilted back. Shailene is right by his side but eyewitnesses say they were getting quite cozy, with lap-sitting and so on.

The boozy weekend getaway here comes after what appears to be a little high-rolling the day before at a nearby casino, some people saw Aaron and Shailene on Friday trying their fortune at the Chumash Casino Resort in neighboring Santa Ynez, which is a short walk away from this winery. Of course, Shailene was there as well, standing right next to Aaron and with her signature curly hairdo at what appears to be a cashier window. It appears to be a nice, long romantic getaway for the couple.


And if the latest runway plane photographs weren’t enough proof, here’s additional proof that they’re back together and dating. Furthermore, they attended a wedding together recently, for a fellow Packer, no less confirming their relationship.

However, whether they’ll still marry or not is another story, as it’s unclear whether they will or not. However, when you see them like this, it appears that maybe there can be a high possibility.

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