Lala Kent ended her engagement with Randall Emmett in October 2021. The couple has a 1-year old daughter named Ocean Kent Emmett. After their split, Kent was vocal about their relationship saying that Emmett was unfaithful. All that talk might have worked against her.

In an episode of the “Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald” podcast, Kent shared that she “couldn’t stand him” during their relationship. She also shared that she “would beg the f***ing universe give [her] a reason” before she found out Emmett was being unfaithful.

“I would lay in bed looking at his back at night being like please,” Lala Kent said of her ex. The burial continued beyond that and isn’t likely to stop. After all, it’s one of the main things she has to talk about.

In the “Vanderpump Rules” subreddit a Reddit user commented that they did not acknowledge Kent for “constantly dragging [Emmett] any chance she gets.”

The subreddit said, “[F]rom what I’ve seen he has said nothing in retaliation. He seems to be the bigger person and it is so much better for Ocean that way. I really can’t stand the way Lala is saying so many terrible things about him. Even saying she was never attracted to him and completely rewriting history. It’s sad and mean. At this point I am liking Randall more than her for sure.”

There were many other Reddit users who shared their thoughts. Obviously, this Redditor wasn’t alone in their feelings.

A fan wrote, “Even more important (to me at least) is when their daughter grows up and stumbles across her parent’s divorce on the internet, she’ll see her mom constantly dumping on her dad. That will leave an impression on her daughter.”

Another added, “Lala was always going to react this way. She’s a thin-skinned vindictive bully. Her crying and claiming to be blindsided by Rand’s behavior now is ridiculous and laughable.”

“Yeah, she can’t cry over being blindsided and then say she was never attracted to him. Which one is it?” another fan added.

Another person wrote, “Yeahhh I think she needs to chill. Ocean is his daughter just as much as she is Lala’s and so far, there seems to have been no evidence presented that he is a bad dad (just a s***** cheating husband/fiancé). This behavior is not in the best interest of Ocean, leave the drama for the court system.”

Some Reddit users said that they understood the reason why Kent is upset with her ex-fiance.

“Lala being annoying will never make me like Randall more. He’s still an absent father, who never changed a diaper until Ocean and even then he was barely present,” added another person.

A “Vanderpump Rules” fan said, “He is not the bigger person. Just smarter and understands how legal disputes around children work because he ::checks notes:: has done this before. Lala sucks but Randall is worse. By far.” 

A Bravo fan commented, “I can’t stand lala, but it sucks when you get cheated on and then your ex plays the victim and everyone sides with him and you get written off as a bitter woman. Seen it a thousand times. Let’s not forget he is the one who broke up both of his families. But she needs to vent to friends, not the Internet.”

In an interview with the “Unwaxed” podcast, Kent shared that she did not, “feel like [her] heart was in that relationship”, she further added she considered Emmett as her “best friend” but “wasn’t in love” with him.

The TV star shared, “You know when you are in love with somebody. I wasn’t there. I don’t even know if I was ever there. I mean three years into the relationship, I was hammered.”

Kent was worried about her breakup and added,” Like I’m handling this situation the best way that I possibly can because it’s unfamiliar to me. I’m still like shocked. And maybe even though my heart wasn’t in it, I felt safe, and that – my safety I feel was put at risk. I feel like I was betrayed heavily.”

We’ll have to see if Lala Kent changes her tune. In the meantime, her supporters might be turning against her. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more updates.

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