Jenelle Evans is MTV ‘s most talked about Teen Mom. Even after Jenelle got fire from Teen Mom, fans keep close look at whatever she does, especially on socials. But this time around Evans has caused quite the stir over a resurfaced clip from the show.

Many years ago, Jenelle Evans gave an impassioned speech about her “Idol” Kesha. As fans may recall, the MTV personality, told her lawyer that (after failing a drug test) she would rather just serve a 16-day jail sentence than remain on probation for a year. Unfortunately, she would have to be in jail the weekend that she bought tickets to see Kesha live in concert. 

This was obviously something that Jenelle would fight for. She spent so much money for the concert. Jenelle got her hair done, bought concert outfit and booked hotel rooms.

What part of that didn’t North Carolina’s judicial system understand?! “Like, no one understands how important this concert is to me,” she continued. “It’s not just a concert to me. It’s Kesha. Like, it’s the person. It’s not, ‘Oh, I wanna go to a random concert.’ It’s Kesha. My idol, the girl that I watch videos on YouTube 30 times a day. I mean, like, I’m obsessed with this girl.”

So, the video got uploaded to the Teen Mom sub reddit and fans had a lot to say. Some fans find her content cringey, which is understandable, but that’s where the fun’s at. Other, serious fans question her priorities as a mother. Look at what fans had to say below:

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