Jenelle Evans has been criticized countless times for being a bad mom. Even Jenelle’s own kids have expressed their dissatisfaction. Teen Mom fans were in disbelief at Jenelle Evans family planning in a resurfaced clip.

In the resurfaced clip, the MTV alum can be seen chatting to her on-again, off-again pal Tori Rhyne. Jenelle Evans was planning to have a baby with now ex Nathan Griffith even though she was facing jail. When fans were reminded of this conversation they were cringing hard.

Tori asks how Jenelle and Nathan are doing. Jenelle coyly admitted she’d come off birth control because the pair wanted to try and get pregnant. They’d only been dating for a couple of months at this point and Jenelle would be facing court soon, with a potential conviction. Fun Fact: Jenelle has been arrested more than 15 times.

Tori, like everyone else watching, was very surprised. “Holy crap Jenelle… don’t you want to be with Nathan for a while to see how things go?” Tori says in the clip. Evans was also already mom to son Jace with her first husband, Andrew Lewis. The child was in the care of Evans’ mom, Barbara, who became the child’s legal guardian.

Jenelle can be seen interrupting an interrogative Tori: “That’s the thing he’s a good father figure for Jace, he’s good with kids and he really loves me so much.” She also admitted her mom said the decision was up to her to have another baby, but “she wasn’t going to care of it.” When asked about her toddler son, Jenelle said she thought her son would be “helping, hands on” with any newborn sibling.

Watch the clip below to see what’s making fans cringe:

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