Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason are always in the headlines for doing questionable things. Their activities have often enraged a large portion of the Teen Mom fans. Now they have come to take jabs at the couple’s dinner preparation.

On Monday, Jenelle shared multiple videos of her husband to Instagram Stories, preparing quite the dinner. In the first video, David was seen inserting vegetables into a whole uncooked chicken. The stuffing was mixed in too as he sewed the chicken up with hemp string in a criss-cross pattern to cook it.

Fans on Reddit weren’t too happy about the meal they were preparing and took to the comments throwing insults. “I’m calling the f*****ng police this is the last da*n straw,” one Reddit user wrote, capturing the overall mood. “Literally made me a little nauseous. Wtf” wrote another.

This is however not the first time they have received hate for their creations. Fans have roasted the reality star’s cooking before as Janelle often shows off her husband’s craft. Viewers earlier took to Reddit to slam the food they previously made, saying it all looked “disgusting.”

Jenelle’s unhealthy eating habits have often been criticized by her fans. She has admitted that she is trying to incorporate healthier foods into her diet. However, her posts on social media still show her consuming fatty and junk food.

Jenelle and her husband David do not seem to be bothered by the fans complaining about their eating habits. Similarly, the fans wouldn’t stop mocking them for their visually unappealing cooking.

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