If you’re a big TV personality who has millions of followers all over the globe, chances are you will always have people to praise and critique you. In a similar fashion, fans have cheered Kim Kardashian after being seen zip-lining in a video.

The SKIMS founder took to Instagram Story and posted a video of her zip-lining at an indoor place. Kim had a denim jacket on and pulled her hair into a ponytail. The reality star held on tightly to the swing as she was quickly sliding down the zip line.

Kim screamed just before letting go of the swing and landing on the safety cushion. One of her kids’ voices can be heard cheering for her and they said: “Good job!” as she captioned the fun post with an appropriate laughing emoji. Fans praised the TV star for attempting to have fun with her children amid the drama between her ex and boyfriend Pete.

On a reuploaded video by a fan account, one fan commented: “I love seeing Kim have fun with her kids. Literally so cute.” Another added: “How cute is it to hear her kiddo tell her good job! Love to see it!” A third mentioned: “Live your best life as a young mom,” while another added, “Haven’t seen her have fun like this with Ye. So refreshing.”

Kanye has been pulling all kinds of stunts to get Kim back but she has been adamant about her decision to move on from him. From posting memes on his Instagram account to threatening Pete through various media sources, he has done it all. Kim has successfully dodged all the shots fired at her by keeping her head low on the whole drama.

Living her life the best possible life and being happy is the perfect reply to Kanye in this situation. She has done just that while also entertaining her fans in the process.

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Anirban Biswas

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