Celebrity Big Brother latest season is currently underway on CBS and well, things are getting heated up between few of the participants. Everyone expects the unexpected when they go into Celebrity Big Brother, but Carson Kressley didn’t anticipate longtime colleague Todrick Hall to play the game as hard as he has.

Carson’s chances of staying on the show were little to none from the start, as he had favorable preexisting relationships with practically everyone in the house and a great social game that easily made him the most likeable Houseguest. Miesha Tate and Todrick picked up on this early in the season, putting him on the block many times before his elimination on Friday night.

While nearly everyone in the house adores him, viewers were outraged when he and ally Cynthia Bailey began listening to exaggerated tales from Todrick and Miesha, who informed the two that their other alliance member Shanna Moakler was a double spy who was leaking all of their information.

Shanna and Chris Kirkpatrick initially worked with Miesha and Todrick, but then switched sides, working with Carson and Cynthia and even putting Kressley off the block. Shanna was voted out on Monday night after her actions failed to meet Hall and Tate’s statements.

Kressley’s eyes were definitely open, although a bit too late, to what Todrick and Miesha had orchestrated behind their backs when he spoke with TooFab following his eviction. After entering the house anticipating a certain amount of sportsmanlike behavior from the group, he described their acts as infuriating and disappointing.

Before disclosing who he thinks will win it all, he expressed deep regret for how he and Bailey handled Moakler, confessing he owed her a million apologies. Stay tuned to Thirsty for News for more Celebrity Big Brother related updates.

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