Joe Rogan has been caught up in some trouble over the past couple of weeks. A video compilation of him repeatedly using the n-word was shared by singer India Arie on social media. Another video of him resurfaced putting him on the spotlight again.

On top of the racial slurs Joe has also been criticized for the information he spreads on his platform. Most notable of them would be the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine. Rogan revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 and used a controversial farm animal drug to treat it.

One of the most recent clips to surface involved some pretty racist eugenics like commentary about a biracial caller into the show. In the recent resurfaced video Joe Rogan claimed Black people have a different brain. The video came to light as the podcaster was forced to apologize for using the N-word in his past shows.

“Powerful combination genetic wise,” Mr. Rogan told a guest who said he had a Black father and a white mother. He continues “Right? You get the body of the Black man and then you get the mind of the white man altogether in some strange combination. That doesn’t by the way mean that Black people don’t have brains, it’s a different brain” Mr. Rogan can be heard saying in the old clip.


JRE Missing a site that detects deleted podcast episodes has found that Spotify has removed 113 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience. That includes interviews with far right commentators such as Alex Jones of InfoWars and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

The comedian and sports commentator started The Joe Rogan Experience in 2009, garnering a large number of followers and signing a deal with Spotify in 2020 for a reported sum of $100m. More than 1,700 episodes have been produced since then.

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