Kim Kardashian has been desperately trying to remove Kanye West from her life. The couple has been going through an extremely contentious public divorce. Kanye has been trying to win Kim back through a series of dramatic appeals. Kim is reportedly embarrassed by the behavior.

Kardashian recently petitioned the judge to hurry along one specific part of the split. Kim K. asked to be declared legally single before custody and property issues in the case were resolved. That is supposed to take place next month.

Kanye West’s lawyer has filed an objection to Kardashian’s petition, according to TMZ. The lawyer says Ye wants safeguards put in place to protect the couple’s marital property in case she ties the knot again. Three conditions are being sought by Kanye’s camp. Kim has reportedly rejected all of them.

“1. If either of them dies, he wants to make sure any money that might be owing to either gets reimbursed.

2. Kanye wants to block Kim from transferring assets out of any trust they created.

3. He wants Kim to waive their marital privilege pending a final custody decision. This is interesting … he wants to ensure any communications between the 2 of them can be part of the court record. He also wants to make sure, if Kim remarries, she would waive any spousal privilege between her and her new husband … in other words, he wants to make sure any conversations between her and a new husband, as it relates to custody, would be fair game in court.”

The couple signed a prenuptial agreement keeping all of their property separate. This could just be another way for Kanye to tie things up as he continues to try and reunite with Kim Kardashian. The judge will make a final decision next month, and it doesn’t look good for Kanye West.

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Michael Perry

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