Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry famously have a contentious co-parenting relationship. The ex-couple share two sons together, 1-year old Creed and 4-year old Lux. Fans believe that Kailyn does everything for her kids and in return what Chris does is utterly dumb and disrespectful.

Earlier this month, pictures were posted to Creed Romello Lowry’s Instagram handle which showed the 1-year no longer had his signature golden locks. It was later found out that Chris was the hair stylist behind Creed’s new haircut. He seemingly admits it on Instagram when an outrageous fan addressed the fact that what he did was horrible.

Most recently, one user posted Chris’ Instagram Live video recording to kick off a Reddit discussion. Apparently, he was in the visitation center with Chris Jr. but fans are mistaking it for a barber shop. The headline of the discussion read: Chris being accused of being at a visitation center with Chris Jr.

One Redditor said: “Hahaha he picked the moment the baby WASN’T making noise to pretend he HAD to stand up… and shut down the live. I don’t know him or any of his story, but that was weird and suspect.”


Another stated: “Imagine doing an IG live from the visitation center 😑”

A third person chimed in, saying: “He said “this is a job”…could that maybe be his baby mama’s work…?? Why does everyone always jump to worst case scenario all the time…??”

A commentator pointed out: “This just looks like a barber shop to me. 💇”

The Reddit thread is attached with this article along with the Instagram Live video recording from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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