Cynthia Nixon had a character to play as Miranda Hobbes in the HBO TV series And Just Like That, which is based on Sex And The City. Fans weren’t happy with Cynthia Nixon’s character doing a 180 degree turn. However Cynthia Nixon has something to say to her haters.

Nixon is addressing criticism about her Sex and the City character Miranda Hobbes doing a sharp 180 degree personality change on the HBO Max sequel And Just Like That. The limited series showed iconic characters of Sex and the City transition from the friendship they had in their 30s to a more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s. Nixon discussed Miranda’s love affair with podcast host Che Diaz as well as fan confusion over the relationship during a Vogue interview published Tuesday.

Many fans have wondered why Miranda isn’t as pragmatic as she was on Sex and the City in the sequel series. “I think that’s a bizarre reaction” the actress told the fashion bible. “First of all I think Miranda is brave and I think Miranda is charging forward. She doesn’t know where she’s going exactly but she knows she has to go somewhere”.

“And I think that’s always been true of Miranda, right? Miranda’s very smart, and she’s very tenacious but the idea that she’s levelheaded, she’s never been levelheaded. She’s a loose cannon, a very opinionated loose cannon” she noted. “She’s always been a bull in a china shop and losing her temper and blowing things up then having to backtrack when she calms down”.


On the show, Miranda decided to leave her husband Steve Brady, follow Che Diaz to Los Angeles and pass up a coveted internship at Human Rights Watch. Fans weren’t happy with the idea of Miranda Hobbes getting into a relationship with Che. Nixon spoke to negative reaction to Che’s character earlier to PageSix. “I think we’ve always been a show that pushed the boundaries,” she said. “I think it’s right in keeping with our history”.

The entire first season of And Just Like That is released and is now streaming on HBO Max.

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