Kailyn Lowry and Chirs Lopez famously have a contentious co-parenting relationship. The ex-couple share two sons together, 1-year old Creed and 4-year old Lux. Just recently, pictures were posted to Creed Romello Lowry’s Instagram handle which showed the 1-year no longer had his signature golden locks. Fans soon started speculating on this unexpected change.

After pictures of Creed started circulating online, Kailyn took to her Instagram stories to share some cryptic messages. A quote said, “Look at you, you’re tired but ain’t giving up. I’m so proud of you,” while another read, “The peace I have now was worth everything I lost,” Fans suspected Kailyn’s ex- Chris Lopez intentionally cut Creed’s hair to get back at Kailyn.

Teen Mom Fanz Instagram account which has accumulated more than 108,000 followers posted, “Today, Chris cut Creed’s hair out of spite, after seeing Kail spend hundreds of dollars on hair care products for him,” The post claimed Chris is using Creed as a “pawn” to annoy Kailyn. Although, the popular “Teen Mom” fan account wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

Fans on Reddit echoed the same sentiments. They accused Lopez of being vindictive. A user kicked off a thread by posting, “Amidst any confusion: Chris posted this on his story with the song Slim Shady,” The user claimed, Lopez cut Creed’s hair after Kailyn posted the products she had bought for Creed’s curls.

The post soon started trending on the Teen Mom subreddit. Fans flocked the comment section to call out Lopez for his unacceptable behavior. Meanwhile, Lopez had yet to address the controversy.

You can check out Kailyn’s cryptic messages as well as the post from Teen Mom Fanz below.

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