Joe Rogan has been going through a nightmarish controversy as a compilation of him saying the N word multiple times on Joe Rogan Experience came out. The compilation was posted by India Arie.

Artists like Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and India Arie have already removed their music from Spotify. While the controversy was limited to the protest against Rogan spreading misinformation, it has now become about racism.

Joe Rogan has publicly apologized for his use of the N word multiple times. However, his fans are just not having it. Many famous celebrities have removed their support from Joe Rogan, and many have voiced themselves against him as well.

Rapper Fat Joe was among those who dissed Rogan. He released a video talking about Rogan, and started ripping into him by saying that he is a “piece of sh*t.” However, his fans think it’s hypocritical of him to say that. He said that while he won’t take his music off Spotify, he’ll continue to do charity work and much more.


This guy Joe Rogan, he’s a piece of sh*t. Joe Rogan is a piece of sh*t. Shoutout to everyone that’s better than me and taking their music off of Spotify, I’m not. Because all my people people know (I’ll) do charity, (I) will open a business in the hood and give out jobs, (I) will give computers to the school, but (I) got to get to (my) bag. (I) ain’t crazy. I’m not taking my music off Spotify but, Spotify is made up of black music whether its R&B, whether its rap, trap, reggaeton, all that fall in there. ( Because our music is on that platform, and they make their money from black people, do you think it should be allowed for a guy to be talking racist sh*t on their platform?

Fat Joe is now getting a lot of heat on Twitter, as people believe that he himself has used the N word many times despite being white. While that may be true, but it does not help with the situation that Rogan is already is.

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