Joe Rogan has always been a controversial figure. The podcaster frequently invites guests on his show who discuss wild, often debunked conspiracy theories. After heavy criticism over the spreading of COVID-19 misinformation, a group of experts urged Spotify to take action.

Neil Young pulled his music from the streaming platform in protest of Rogan’s penchant for misinfo. Other artists followed suit. Now, Joe Rogan is apologizing for his unbalanced broadcasts.

Rogan took to Instagram to note that he is sorry for the ongoing flow of false information. Rogan is completely fine with Spotify tagging his shows with a disclaimer when false information makes the air. Joe also apologized and said he will try to do better in the future.

In his lengthy video, Rogan admitted that he hasn’t done enough to curb the misinformation. Joe has promised that if he has a guest with controversial views, he will balance the discussion with a more mainstream take. Spotify also received an apology from their highest-paid employee.


Joe Rogan didn’t go all-in on the apology, though. Rogan hedged his explanation by saying that the word “misinformation” is relative. Joe noted that what used to be controversial opinions early on in the pandemic have now become mainstream.

Spotify is going forward with the new disclaimers regardless of Joe Rogan’s input. The apology was admirable, and hopefully, Joe sticks to his guns. Time will tell if we are about to see a more balanced Joe Rogan Experience.

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Michael Perry

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