Joe Rogan is still in a lot of hot water as pressure mounts on audio host Spotify over the content of his podcast. Rogan was first criticized for having guests who openly spread misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic. The controversy went a step further when videos went viral showing Rogan using the n-word made their way all over the internet.

Many have called for Spotify to completely dump Joe Rogan. Rogan’s show is the most popular podcast in the world. It isn’t likely that Spotify will turn their backs on him at this point.

In what is largely seen as a publicity stunt (Rogan is under contract with Spotify currently), video platform Rumble has invited Joe to make the jump to their service. In a tweet, CEO Chris Pavlovski shared a letter offering Rogan $100 million to join his company. Pavlovski said the move was designed to save the world.

“Dear Joe,


We stand with you, your guests, and your legion of fans in desire for real conversation. So we’d like to offer you 100 million reasons to make the world a better place.

How about you bring all your shows to Rumble, both old and new, with no censorship, for 100 million bucks over four years?

This is our chance to save the world. And yes, this is totally legit.”

Rumble was originally a site that catered to harmless content and viral videos. When Representative Devin Nunes moved to Rumble after accusing YouTube of censorship, several other prominent conservatives joined him. It has since become a haven for right-wing content with personalities like Dinesh D’Souza, Sean Hannity, Jim Jordan, and even Donald Trump using the platform.

It is unlikely that Joe Rogan is even legally able to entertain this request. While the deal may be legitimate, Pavlovski knows Rogan is already signed elsewhere. It doesn’t sound like he’ll be saving the world any time soon.

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Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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