DaBaby is frequently seen getting involved in squabbles. The most recent one involves him being barred from the bowling alley for assaulting DaniLeigh’s brother. Brandon, DaniLeigh’s brother, recently showed off his Bowling Alley Brawl injuries.

According to Radar Online, Brandon Bills appears to have escaped his bowling alley brawl with DaBaby relatively unscathed. On Thursday night, DaniLeigh’s brother posted a selfie-style video to his Instagram Story, showing off the injuries he sustained during the fight. Brandon said nothing in the short video, just swiveled his head around to make sure he got every angle of his blood-splattered face the last time we saw it.

Bills was clearly shrugging off the small cut/bump on his forehead and assuring his 114K followers that he still had it. It’s unclear whether or not Brandon’s seemingly minor injuries will affect the investigation into whether DaBaby assaulted him. The altercation occurred earlier this week at a California bowling alley after Bills, who was alone, claimed he approached the musician to talk.

Soon after, he was pummeled to the ground and dragged by his hair by DaBaby and about five other men. Videos from various angles of the altercation which spilled into the actual lanes show DaBaby throwing the first punch, which was followed by a barrage of kicks and blows from his crew. Because of the slick floors, it was difficult for anyone to stay on their feet during the ordeal, but Brandon was also clearly outnumbered.


Cops are apparently considering the case a potential assault with a deadly weapon because evidence shows he was kicked in the head after he was already on the ground. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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