Van Jones might just have created a new conventional family setup and we are curious. The activist and CNN commentator is a proud new dad, and he and the baby’s mother are just friends.

According to TMZ, The CNN commentator, who has two other children revealed that he and his friend decided to join forces to have a child together. The pair were brought together by their mutual desire to have kids and are now planning to consciously co-parent the new baby. Van is certainly taking progressive to a new level.

“After the COVID lockdown, I got clear that I wanted another kid,” said Van. “I discovered that my friend Noemi also wanted a baby. So, we decided to join forces and become conscious co-parents. It’s a concept that I hope more people will explore and consider.”

Van further added, “This month we welcomed to Earth a baby girl, whom we will raise as co-parenting partners. This is a special time for our families. I feel grateful, joyful and blessed.”

According to sources connected to Van, the mother’s full name is Noemi Zamacona. The pair have been friends through a shared interest in criminal justice advocacy for several years. In fact, they decided to have a child together literally over a friendly meal.

Van has 2 children from his previous marriage, and this is Noemi’s first. It’s a very modern arrangement. They’re not a couple, but they are a team that wants to raise a kid together.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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