Devin D. Ratray, the actor of “Home Alone” character Buzz McCallister had a recent split with his girlfriend. A split so ugly that the cops had to be called to get things under control.

Earlier this week, Ratray and his partner had an ugly domestic quarrel. The dispute got so out of hands that the authorities had to call the police. According to law enforcement sources, they were called to a Hyatt near downtown OKC.

According to Ratray’s representative, the pair got into a verbal argument. The were no reports of physical violence. The verbal arguments itself were so nasty that the two called it quits.

The rep however did not reveal what led to the argument. Cops later informed that things were sorted out between Devin and his girlfriend once they decided to go their separate ways for the night. She got a separate room that ended the drama. No one was arrested.

Ratray will always be the classic Christmas movie infamy as Buzz, who tormented his little brother Kevin, (played by Macaulay Culkin) for years to come. Ratray recently revealed to People that there was a possible “Home Alone” reunion in the works. In any case, Ratray did live his night alone after quarrel with his girlfriend.

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