Jenelle Evans faced severe backlash from online Teen Mom 2 fans last year after she posted a video that said she might soon be paralyzed. Evans claimed she’s got syringomyelia, which means she’s got a fluid-filled cyst in her spinal cord.

In her video, she claims that her neurosurgeon told her that she couldn’t treat Jenelle until she was paralyzed. Evans spoke with fans about the situation. Many people offered helpful suggestions. Some people tried to reassure her. Reddit, on the other hand, was having none of it. Jenelle has a bad reputation among social media users.

Evans just posted an Instagram story about her third visit to the neurosurgeon. She attended a third nerve study session, and she seemed fatigued. Jenelle has already revealed a slew of major health difficulties, and anyone in her situation would be angry.

One Redditor has dragged her Instagram story to kick off a Reddit discussion. The headline of the thread read: The results are in: She gets on my nerves.


A Redditor said: “”Mrs. Eason, the results indicate that you have a whole lotta f–kin nerve.””

Another stated: “That smile is so creepy. It’s just void of life and happiness.”

A third person chimed in, saying: “I have never seen someone who wants something to be seriously wrong with them so bad. 👀”

Another commentator pointed out: “I truly wonder how she is paying for these medical bills? They have to be fairly hefty. Or is she so immature that she doesn’t even think about that? Maybe she just doesn’t pay them?”

Last year also, Evans took to social media to seek the support of her fans following her neurosurgeon visit. In March last year, she had revealed that she had been diagnosed with syringomyelia, a fluid-filled cyst or syrinx on her spinal cord. Evans also shared an update in December that doctors discovered “hemangiomatas.

The Reddit thread is attached below with this article along with the Instagram story screenshot from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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