Jenelle Evans faced severe backlash from online Teen Mom 2 fans last year after she posted a video that said she might soon be paralyzed. Evans claimed she’s got syringomyelia, which means she’s got a fluid-filled cyst in her spinal cord.

In her video, she said her neurosurgeon told her she can’t help her until Jenelle becomes paralyzed. Evans exchanged words with fans about the condition. Many gave helpful advice. Some reassured her. Reddit, however, was having none of it. Traditionally, users on social media give Jenelle a hard time.

Most recently, Evans shared an Instagram story about her third neurosurgeon visit. She had an appointment for her third nerve study and she seems exhausted. Jenelle already came out with a series of serious health issues and anyone would feel frustrated if they were in the same shoes.

Had my 3rd nerve study done today [smiling face emoji] fml.


Last year also, Evans took to social media to seek the support of her fans following her neurosurgeon visit. In March last year, she had revealed that she had been diagnosed with syringomyelia, a fluid-filled cyst or syrinx on her spinal cord. Evans also shared an update in December that doctors discovered “hemangiomatas.

She revealed to her fans that she might possibly take a break from social media, citing her health problems as the reason. Our thoughts and prayers are with Evans, and we hope she makes a full recovery soon. Check out her Instagram story below.

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