Jenelle Evans faced severe backlash from online Teen Mom 2 fans after a recent video she posted said she might soon be paralyzed. Evans says she’s got syringomyelia, which means she’s got a fluid-filled cyst in her spinal cord. In her video, she said her neurosurgeon told her she can’t help her until Jenelle becomes paralyzed.

Evans exchanged words with commentors about the condition. Many gave helpful advice. Some reassured her. Reddit, however, was having none of it. Traditionally, users on social media give Jenelle a hard time.

“We all know jenelle is faking this sh*t. She isn’t making anyone but herself look bad.”

“I have terrible second hand embarrassment for Jenelle here. By early after she’s going to be shaking her ass on TikTok having forgotten she was hoping oh I mean preparing to be handicapped.”


“She is totally and completely ridiculous and is seriously the most desperate for attention drama queen.”

The cynicality about Jenelle’s alleged condition aside, fans on both sides were quick to jump to conclusions. While Jenelle hasn’t shown real proof that she might become paralyzed, she also isn’t obligated to. However, but sharing this kind of content, she’s also inviting this type of criticism.


Checkup with my ##neurosurgeon 😭

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Michael Perry

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