Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott grew closer than ever after the Astroworld tragedy and have been inseparable since then. However, thing seems to be getting pretty serious after Kylie Jenner gave birth to her second baby with Travis Scott. Kylie now wants Travis to show that his loyalties lie with the Kar/Jenner.

According to The Sun, Kylie has demanded Travis Scott cut ties with Kanye West. This all started after Travis got into Kylie’s bad books for telling Kanye the address of his daughter Chicago’s fourth birthday party last month. The Kar/Jenner clan is definitely big on supporting one another.

“Travis got into a lot of trouble for being the one who gave Kanye the birthday party details,” an insider revealed. “Kim personally had a sit down with Travis and Kylie has made it clear that he needs to cut ties.” The source added: “His loyalty should lie with the family and he’s all too aware of what has gone down between Kanye and the family.”

Unfortunately, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have hit one of the roughest patches of their divorce. From Kanye blasting Kardashian for not allowing him to see their kids to Kim calling out Kanye for publicly harassing her, things are getting uglier every day.


As for now, Kylie’s rep has been contacted for a comment. It only remains to be seen how things turn out. Hopefully, Travis will stand with his baby momma.

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