Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have hit one of the roughest patches of their divorce. Fro Kanye blasting Kardashian for allowing their daughter, North West, to use social media without Ye’s consent to Kim calling out Kanye for publicly harassing her, things are now going out of hand. Unfortunately, Kanye still has more to complain about.

This all started after Ye took to his Instagram to post a picture of his mother, Donda West. In the caption, West claimed that his ex Kim Kardashian has allegedly attempted to stop the rapper from bringing their kids to Chicago for a supposed basketball game. It seems Kanye is misrepresenting himself as according to a Page Six source, Ye hardly ever even sees the kids.

“I want to bring my kids to my hometown of Chicago to see my basketball team play for 7 thousand people,” wrote Kanye. “Kim is stopping that. “How is this joint custody?” It seems Kanye cannot stop bringing his family feud to social media.

In the Instagram snap from the Netflix documentary, Jeen-yuhs, Ye appeared to be downtrodden while his mom tried to cheer him up. Ye’s late mother, Donda – who inspired the name for the musician’s last album – said: “You need an angel to watch over you.” No wonder why Kim doesn’t believe Kanye is pulling his weight as a parent.

as for now, time will tell if Kanye West and Kim Kardashian can come up with a way to coexist. DJ Akademiks doesn’t seem confident that it’s possible. Hopefully, both sides come out of the situation looking like responsible adults.

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