Jennifer Aniston had an exciting 2021, with the premiere of a long-awaited Friends reunion, the return of her hit series The Morning Show, and the launch of her haircare brand called LolaVie. Now she wows fans by looking amazing in a purple bikini at a Hawaii beach.

Aniston soaked up the glorious weather in a purple bikini top and red thong bottoms. The actress was enjoying some downtime on her hotel balcony between filming Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2. This comes out just four days ahead of her 53rd birthday. The Daily Mail snagged the photos.

Jennifer was accessorized with a pair of classic aviators sunglasses and a floppy hat to protect her sun-kissed skin from the scorching heat. Her body showed signs of adhering to a strict 15-15-15 workout plan, ‘which is a 15-minute spin, elliptical, run’ which she previously advocated. She has so much self-control when it comes to unhealthy foods that she can have just ‘one M&M’ or chip to feel satisfied.

The actress’s incredible shape comes after living a very disciplined lifestyle and the results are evident. During an interview with Women’s Health, she revealed she wakes up every day at 9 am and works out five times a week. The Morning Show star is also a fan of intermittent fasting, an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating.

Aniston is also known for incorporating yoga and boxing as part of her exercise regime. She was first spotted filming the sequel to her 2019 mystery comedy, alongside longtime pal Adam Sandler in Hawaii. The original Murder Mystery is about a married couple who were framed for the death of an elderly billionaire while vacationing overseas.

Aniston has shown us how to be healthy and be at the peak of fitness by consistently telling everyone about diets and lifestyle changes. At 52, she is looking healthier than ever and the fans are here for it.

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