Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival left everyone in shock and despair. Many of those there have suffered much as a result of the tragedy. HPD and the FBI have just put up a website for the public to upload photos and videos from the Astroworld Festival disaster.

The Houston Police Department recently formed a partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They developed a website where the general public may post photos and videos shot during the Astroworld Festival. The Festival, which resulted in the deaths of ten persons due to a crowd rush.

The Feds want to know exactly what happened at Astroworld and they want as much evidence that they can get.

HPD made the news on Friday, stating that after evaluating “countless hours of video evidence” from the event, they will collaborate with the FBI for extra technological help. The public will be able to post any photos or videos recorded during the event to the new website. Specifically, between 8 p.m. until 11 p.m., the main venue area saw a fatal rush.

Officials reported in December that the victims of the event died of compressive asphyxia. According to a medical expert, the pressure from the crowd surge at the event was so intense that it swiftly squeezed all the air from the victims’ lungs, causing them to drop out within a minute or so and die because key organs such as the heart and brain were drained of oxygen.

Ezra Blount, 9, was the youngest of the ten fatalities. The ages of the others who died as Travis Scott ascended the stage varied from 14 to 27. At least 300 individuals were injured and treated on the event grounds, while 25 were transported to hospitals.

Nearly 400 lawsuits have been filed in connection with the concert’s injuries and deaths, many of which have been brought against Live Nation and Travis. The HPD and the FBI have introduced a new plan to assist those who have suffered the consequences of the Festival. Let’s see whether this initiative results in additional cases being filed against Travis Scott. Keep an eye on Thirsty for further updates.

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Shivangini Rawat

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