In the past few weeks, Joe Rogan’s claims on his podcast on Spotify created a lot of controversy with several artists threatening to leave the platform. Recently, the company’s CEO Daniel Ek, addressed the criticism it’s facing regarding Joe’s podcast.

We have reported earlier, Joe Rogan remarks about race to alleged misinformation about Covid caused a lot of controversy. Joe soon come forward to offer his apology and explain his comments. However, his efforts to deescalate the situation failed.

Several artists joined Neil Young in his protest against Joe Rogan. Artists like India Arie, Joni Mitchell, Nils Lofgren, Eve 6, as well as Young’s bandmates David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash spoke out against Spotify and demanded Joe’s content to be removed from the platform.

Fox Business reported, the music streaming giant’s founder and CEO Daniel Ek reportedly addressed the criticism during a call with investors. Daniel insisted on keeping Rogan on-air, despite the criticism.

“I think the important part here is that we don’t change our policies based on one creator, nor do we change it based on any media cycle, While Joe has a massive audience and is actually the number one podcast in more than ninety markets, he also has to abide by those policies.”

Ek also revealed during the call, “Our policies have been carefully written with the input from numbers of internal and external experts in this space – and I do believe they’re right for our platform.” Ek reportedly admitted that advertisers have been calling about the controversy but didn’t state if any had pulled their spots because of Rogan.

Meanwhile, you can check out David Crosby’s announcement to pull his music off the platform below.

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