Joe Rogan has been heavily criticized for the sharing of misinformation about COVID-19 on his podcast. A group of public health leaders drafted a letter to Spotify requesting that the streaming giant stop providing a conduit for false info that is harmful to public health. Several celebrities joined in showing their support for the reform or removal of the Joe Rogan Experience.

Neil Young recently joined those banging the rum for Rogan’s ouster. Young said that if Spotify did not remove Joe Rogan, he would pull his music from the service. Spotify was one step ahead of him.

Spotify has chosen to stick up for the golden goose rather than the influential Canadian rocker. Neil Young’s library is no longer available on the service. The Rogan podcast will remain, according to TMZ.

Young had written a letter to his management throwing down an ultimatum. Spotify could have either Neil Young or Joe Rogan. While Neil is extremely popular, Joe Rogan’s podcast is the most listened-to on the planet.

It seems like it was an easy decision for Spotify. The company has a $100 million deal to be the distributor for his show. They also say they’ve removed 20,000 clips from the platform containing false information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

SiriuxXM is capitalizing on the buzz. The satellite radio service will re-launch Neil Young Radio next month. Young’s music is still available on all the other major platforms. Rock and roll may never die, but Spotify decided it was better to burn Neil out than let him fade away.

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