Kayla Jones appears to be struggling in her life after becoming a mother at a young age. There were rumors that she might have to leave the Young And Pregnant show. She was recently dropped from the upcoming season of Young And Pregnant.

According to The Ashley, ‘Young and Pregnant’ has been renewed for 12 more episodes, but only a few of the girls from the previous season will be returning. Who’s in and who’s out of the ‘Young and Pregnant’ cast has been revealed.

After weeks of low ratings for the MTV series, executives decided to change up the cast. Brianna Jaramillo, Kayla Sessler, Rachel Beaver, and Kiaya Elliott were among the actresses who appeared in the film. Madisen Beith and Kayla Jones were among the “guests” on the show.

Only four girls have been asked back to film as of The Ashley’s most recent cast update. However, one more girl has been filming since then, and one has been dropped from the cast.


“Kayla Jones got dropped. They did not renew her contract so she won’t be in the new 12 episodes. She was disappointed, especially since she has so much happening in her life right now that would be good to film. But MTV made their choice so there’s really nothing she can do.”

According to reports, they intended to stick with Kayla Jones and drop Madisen; however, it quickly became clear that the viewers related to Madisen’s story far more than Kayla’s.

“[The producers] feel like, because Kayla is older than Madisen, and because Kayla’s pregnancy was intentional, her story didn’t really catch on the way [the producers] had hoped. The network thought that, because Kayla’s story included a transgender partner, it was timely and topical, but it just didn’t catch on.” 

Madisen is unaware that Kayla is no longer on the show, and Kayla is unaware that Madisen is still on the show. Kayla Jones, who attended a birthday party for Kiaya’s son a few months ago, may appear in one of the new episodes. The party was filmed, so footage from it may appear on the show in the future. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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