Kanye West and Julia Fox’s romance has continued to dominate all social media platforms with news of their new relationship constantly coming out. However, with publicity comes backlash. Fortunately, Julia is not bothered by it.

This all started after Kanye took Julia to Paris this past weekend for the Paris Haute Couture Week. The two attended numerous fashion shows together. On Saturday, Julia wore the same Balenciaga mirror boots that Kim is infamous for. Naturally, it garnered a lot of attention.

Previously, Julia even rocked the exact same dress that Kim has worn in the past. However, she is not bothered about the accusations. According to Hollywood Life, a friend of Julia’s told that the New York socialite “soaks it up” when people when people accuse her of imitating Kim. “Julia just wants to make Kanye happy,” her friend added.

“She is her own accomplished woman,” the insider further added. “Julia knows what she is getting into dating Kanye and the comparisons that will be put on her. She is a strong woman who gets things done and that is why Kanye is so attracted to her. She is not stressing on the outside noise, and she is looking forward to what can be created with Kanye moving forward.”

As for Kanye, he is more open on purpose with Julia and doesn’t seem to mind her talking about their relationship. Julia is not rattled by any negative emotions and we are here for it. We stan an unbothered queen.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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