Tiger King became somewhat of a cursed name for anyone associated with the show. From the show’s star Erik Cowie passing away due to alcohol abuse to Jeff Johnson taking his own life, it seems like the series brings no good news for anyone involved as it continues to make headlines.

There is more bad news for Tiger King. Netflix and the show’s producers have been sued, according to a report by Complex. Morgan Creek Productions has sued the streaming giant for copyright infringement and the suit says that the show used footage from Ace Ventura 2 without permission or license.

The lawsuit claims that the clips in question from Ace Ventura 2 that are used in the show feature Jim Carrey with a monkey wrapped around his neck and shoulder and another clip of him “triumphantly” riding an elephant.

According to the lawsuit, the clips have a total screen time of five seconds and are featured in a sequence that showcases animals like tigers, panthers, monkeys and great apes.

“Leaving no room for doubt as to the source, a dubbed-over voice identifies one such movie as Ace Ventura, at the precise time when the Infringing Clips appear on screen. Plantiff is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that Ace Ventura is the only film used in Tiger King where more than one clip appears.”

Morgan Creek Productions is alleging that the show has been watched by millions of viewers and therefore it “multiplying the harm to MCP” which includes the clips that are used without any permission or license. Morgan Creek is asking to be awarded damages in the suit.

In related news, Carole Baskin is suing Netflix over Tiger King 2, alleging that the show’s producers lied to her about the plot of the documentary.

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Rayan Sayyed

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