In Tiger King 2, Carole Baskin is portrayed as an uncooperative person in the investigation to find her missing husband, Don Lewis. Many fans, as well as Joe Exotic himself, believe Baskin killed Lewis and fed him to their tigers. Carole says none of it is true.

Baskin spoke to TMZ and said she’s done everything she possibly can to try and find Don. Lewis went missing in the 1990’s and hasn’t been seen since. A Homeland Security memo revealed in the series’ second season says otherwise. Carole Baskin disagrees completely.

“There is no one who has more to gain from solving the mystery of Don’s disappearance than I do because it would clear my name and stop the idiotic rumors. There is nothing that I know that is not either in the Sheriff’s files or in the diary I have published at and no way I am going to have a clearer memory or anything to add twenty-four years later.”

The 2nd season of the show came out last week on Netflix. Moises Garcia, who is a detective with the Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Office, says Carole Baskin has been uncooperative in the search. Carole says she’s already done enough to help.


Baskin says she isn’t cooperating with police because of the advice of her attorney. While Carole hopes Don is alive and in Costa Rica as the series suggests, it’s mostly for selfish reasons. She thinks proof of Don being alive would clear her name.

Garcia says that there is a high possibility that Carole Baskin is involved in the disappearance of Don Miller. Season two of the series delves deeper into his case. It also follows the story of Joe Exotic as he tries to get released from prison on what he says is a bogus murder-for-hire plot to snuff out Baskin. Exotic is currently suffering from pancreatic cancer and is being housed in a secure medical facility.

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Michael Perry

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