Rihanna is still one of the most popular singers in the music industry. The entire globe keeps an eye on Rihanna as she is the inspiration of many. Rihanna recently took a different look to pay homage to one of her peers. After Rihanna dressed up as Gunna for Halloween, he joked about the “RiRi Effect.”

Certain artists are frequently credited with having an “impact,” which occurs when they collaborate with, co-sign with, or draw attention to other artists. Gunna doesn’t need anyone’s “impact,” especially when his song DS4EVER is currently No. 1 on the Billboard charts with 15 current singles on the Billboard Hot 100. It doesn’t hurt when Rihanna dresses up like you for Halloween.

Rihanna wore shorts, a net-stitched sweater, boots, and a leather vest from Gunna’s all-black New York Fashion Week look. Like many of Gunna’s ensembles, the fit instantly became a trending topic. Rihanna couldn’t help but make it her own. In the interview, Gunna mocked at her look.

“That day, I got so many calls [like], ‘Oh this that RiRi effect, that RiRi effect different. Okay, Rocky, I see what’s happening. I see what’s happening Rocky. Say less.”

Did you all like her new look? Rihanna is trending on social media for her latest look. Is she looking the same as Gunna? What do you think let us know in the comments.

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