Teen Moms have time and time again shown bitterness towards the franchise. Jenelle Evans told fans ‘it’s better’ that she didn’t attend the upcoming reunion special but Mackenzie McKee feels left out. Now, Mackenzie McKee has claimed that she was lied to by MTV.

As per The Sun, Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee claimed that MTV “lied” to her to keep her out of the franchise’s spin-off show, Family Reunion. Right after her rant she temporarily deleted her Instagram page. Apparently, Mackenzie is catching major FOMO.

The reality star went on a rant over her treatment by the network saying she feels “hurt” and didn’t “deserve to be lied to.” She told fans that she didn’t know the show was happening, despite her co-stars saying ‘everyone was invited’. And there was more.

Its know far and wide that jealousy is quite common in the reality TV friend circle. However, Mackenzie is not jealous of her co-stars. Neither is she holding them accountable, “That is 100% not the OGs fault and they had absolutely no say so.”

“But what does hurt, is that MTV lied to me about it all. And I had to find out via social media.” McKee said. Mackenzie continued by admitting that she was at fault for the situation getting out of hand. Earlier, Cheyenne Floyd accused Mackenzie of racism after a comment she made about Vice President Kamala Harris. She concluded her message with an apology to all that got wrapped up in the drama.

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