The cast of MTV’s Teen Mom have always been a force of nature when it comes to controversy. That drama is what makes the show so popular. Nobody is safe from public scrutiny when it comes to the stars of the hit reality series and its many spin-offs.

Farrah Abraham is the most frequent target of fan criticism. She has been called a bad parent by fans more times than she can count. Farrah is not the only Teen Mom star who has been subject to public ridicule.

The latest in that long line is Mackenzie McKee. She figured she would spread some holiday cheer with a sexy Santa dance video. Mackenzie dances alone with two digitally-inserted clones of herself. She thought it was clever. Instead, she became the butt of many a joke on social media after sharing the clip on her Instagram.

“No wonder her kids continue to act out and give her hell abs don’t listen when mommy suppose to be watching them and guiding them she has all the time to make tick tock.”

“When you want to make a mean girls tiktok but you have no friends”

There were fans who responded positively to the video. Many pointed out that the intention was likely a joke. The dance is a tribute to an iconic scene in the movie “Mean Girls”.

Mackenzie McKee knew she would get some blowback from the video. That’s just fine with her. As cringy as some fans thought the dance was, the video received almost 30,000 likes on Instagram alone. Mackenzie is getting the last laugh this Christmas.

What do you think of Mackenzie McKee’s Christmas dance video? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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