Leah Messer needs to be more careful before doing something controversial on social media. Leah needs to make it clear which side she is actually on. Teen Mom 2 Star was roasted by fans after she expressed her support for co-star Briana DeJesus.

As we can see, for years Drama has been brewing between DeJesus and Messer’s friend and co-star Kailyn Lowry. DeJesus didn’t exactly expressed her emotions towards Lowry, but she did write a lengthy statement where she said she would be taking a break from social media.

Lowry filed a defamation lawsuit against DeJesus. The dispute escalated once more when DeJesus sent a treadmill to Lowry for Christmas. Lowry retaliated by thanking DeJesus for the gift.

“I understand that sometimes u need to set boundaries and put your foot down but everything could have been prevented and done privately both parties! I have learned and grown from both of those situations and will now always deal with issues in a better manner (off social media).”

“Names will be called, things will be said, gifts will be given but will you even remember that in 2032? I can see it being very amusing at first but life is too short!”

DeJesus has disabled comments on the post still the Teen Mom 2 star received support from MTV personalities like Mackenzie McKee and Messer. Leah dropped some heart emojis on the post, according to a screenshots obtained by Teen Mom Tea. DeJesus responded with more emojis.

Some fans were confused by the interaction, especially since Messer has been friends with Lowry for years. Fans expressed their confusion through comments in her post.

“She just fat-shamed your friend and you’re supporting her why.”

“Exactly, talk about a shady friend.”

The tension between the two began when Marroquin started dating DeJesus. It later took a different turn when Messer told Lowry that Marroquin and DeJesus were going to stay in the same hotel room on vacation with their children. The hatred between the two is so strong that it led DeJesus to Fat-shame Lowry publicly.

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