Morgan Wallen was recently sighted working with Lil Durk on his new song “Broadway Girls”. Fans of hip-hop and country music were startled to learn that the two opposite genres collided once more. Recently, Lil Durk encouraged Kendrick to work with Morgan as well.

Lil Durk doesn’t want to be the last rapper to collaborate with Morgan Wallen. He urged Kendrick Lamar and others to do so as well, claiming Morgan isn’t a racist. Lil Durk on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on Tuesday was asked by TMZ that Kendrick should record with Morgan less than a year after he was caught using the n-word in public.

Morgan has Lil Durk’s support. They had a lengthy discussion about Wallen’s n-word yelling incident while working on their new hit tune, “Broadway Girls.” Morgan has made no secret of his desire to collaborate with other rappers such as Kendrick Lamar. Lil Durk believes the two genre titans should collaborate as soon as possible.

After a boozy night out with pals, a video was obtained filmed by one of Morgan’s neighbors in February showing him shouting the n-word. The industry retaliated quickly, with the country musician being barred from award presentations and radio stations refusing to play his music.

Morgan Wallen attempted to move forward from his prior misfortune. Do you think Kendrick will collab with Morgan? Let us know in the comments. To know whether they collab or not, stay tuned to Thirsty.

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