Many rap fans will debate about who is the GOAT. The fact is that history has seen many GOATs performing on the same stage at times.

Nas is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time. He has seen many come and go in music, but Drake, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar are a 3-headed GOAT in his opinion.

Nas’ words on “Wu for the Children” reveal the 48-year-old rapper has both reservations about his past and aspirations for the future as an MC, among the innumerable bombs he fires over Hit-production Boy’s throughout Magic.

Nas raps, “Listen to The Manhattan’s, Queens to Brooklyn, oh what a feelin’/I shoulda had Grammy’s when Ol’ Dirty said “Wu for the children.” He continues, “Shoulda did that remix verse on ‘Gimme the Loot’ for Biggie/Me, JAY-Z, and Frank White is like Cole, Drizzy, and Kenny.”

Nas seems to think he has a lot in common with musicians like Drake and J. Cole. Nas and Hit-Boy successfully delivered the follow-up to their King’s Disease 2 album via their surprise project Magic on Friday. Nas had a lyrical field day throughout the nine-song collection, firing shots at anonymous rappers on “Meet Joe Black” and declaring his status as the GOAT of Hip Hop on tracks like “40-16,” among others.

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