Morgan Wallen was surrounded in a controversy after using a racial slur which he really shouldn’t have. Having promised to pay $500,000 to black-led organizations, it seems that he’s really fallen short on it.

Rolling Stone revealed that Wallen hasn’t really failed to give up payment of some of the cash, however. He’s reportedly paid Black Music Action Coalition $165,000 in donations, and the organization confirmed having met the artist and his management multiple times. His last payment was in April, however, so he’s spent quite a lot of time not having followed up on his promise.

Morgan had agreed to pay several organizations, but any group apart from Black Music Action Coalition revealed that they didn’t receive anything from the singer. The reason being him paying the money to many organizations was because of his sales skyrocketing after the video of him saying the n-word going viral.

The artist’s sales skyrocketed to a whopping 1,220 percent after his video leaked online. The money is supposed to compensation that he earned on the behest of the African-American community, but it’s uncertain whether Wallen will shell out the leftover money or not.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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