The Tampa Bay Buccaneers escaped yesterday’s game against the Buffalo Bills by the skin of their teeth. Stephen A. Smith thinks that the Bucs are in for a rough end to the season.

The Bucs took a lead in the first half. As they dozed off with their little lead, the Bills made a comeback and forced overtime. The Bucs eventually won the match as they barely managed to escape the howler.

It is indeed a lesson to be learned for the Buccaneers. They had to get it together when the game mattered the most. And this mentality is important, not just in do or die situations, but throughout the entire game.

The Bucs is undoubtedly one of the best teams in the entire NFC right now. Stephen A. Smith however, prefers to remain skeptical. During today’s episode of First Take, Smith spoke about the Buccaneers and how the win against the Bills was a red flag. He said:


“You’re not getting back to the Super Bowl playing like that offensively. You’re going to have to be more effective and more proficient because you’re going to be going up against proficient offensive teams come playoff time.”

Smith feels that the Bucs will get washed by other teams moving forward. He expects to see them getting stormed away in the playoffs. If they are up against the likes of the Packers who have had blistering offenses this year, the Bucs will have a rough season end.

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