On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers faced off against the Chicago Bears on the gridiron. The Packers walked away with the win over the Bears but one of the biggest highlights of the game happened off-field.

During the game, the camera panned over to the audience and a man that looked a lot like Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers was spotted. A side by side image of the two men was presented and well, fans just lost their minds.

Some took shots at the Chicago Bears by joking that the man in the audience was actually Rodgers himself while the man on field was his clone. The joke was that the Packers didn’t need Rodgers to win against Da Bears.

Meanwhile another bold claim was made saying that the man in the stands looks more like Rodgers than Rodgers looks like Rodgers.


Jokes about the man being Rodgers’s official stand-in for family events and vaccine appointments were also made. Needless to say, a lot of fun was had by all.

The man will probably live vicariously for years to come through Aaron Rodgers memes and jokes for years to come. God bless the internet.

Darshan Sheth

Darshan is a media professional who likes to create things - be it a news piece, a creative graphic or a short film, he’ll do anything and everything that demands creativity. Darshan has been working as a news provider and content creator for Ringside News and eventually Thirsty for News for years. Darshan likes to play video games, watch some anime and play sports and do pretty much anything that gives him a sense of adventure.

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