Kim Cattrall is subtly throwing shade by liking tweets that are expressing their support for Catrall following her absence from the ‘SATC’ re-boot premiere. Seems quite petty but it is what it is.

The longstanding feud between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker is no secret in the entertainment world. But And Just Like That… marked the first time that director Michael Patrick King manifested the fall-out on-screen.

Turns out the characters Carrie and Samantha, who happen to be former besties are no longer friends as Sarah Jessica Parker’s character ‘Carrie’ has dropped Samantha as her publicist. As bad as that sounds, Samatha has apparently left New York for good.

Samantha Jones as a character was iconic in her own right. Over the years, Samantha Jones (Carrie Cattrall) has amassed her own following. Cattrall liked several supportive tweets that her fans shared after the episode aired on Thursday night. The episode revealed that Samantha Jones was living in London after a falling-out with the ladies.

“Kim Cattrall didn’t return to SATC because her scatting career is finally taking off,” one tweet read, that got a “like” from Kim. “And just like that… I find myself only wanting to watch anything @kimcattrall is in. This is a Kim appreciation tweet,” another wrote, which also got some love from the 65-year-old actress. The user later posted a screenshot of Kim‘s like notification, writing, ‘Yasss tea and shade.’ 

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Shifa Jahan

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