Sex and the City’s new spin off “And Just Like That...” is set to premier on HBO Max on December 9. The show will have all of its main cast reprise their roles except for one of the four. Kim Cattrall’s iconic character, Samantha Jones, won’t be returning.

The original series that ran for 6 seasons with a total of 94 episodes had a strong impact on women in the late ’90s to early 2000s. It tackled modern issues like promiscuity, sexuality, femininity, safe sex and aging through nuanced, multiple perspectives and story-lines.

It is regarded as a TV classic and a seminal work that not only influenced a whole generation of TV watchers but also directors, writers and producers. The series spawned 2 feature films, a prequel series and now, the much awaited spin-off.

The trailer shows Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda dining out together while Carrie’s signature voice-over intones: “They say some things never change.” “The city reinvents itself,” Carrie’s voice-over continues. “And just like that, a new chapter begins.”


The writer protagonist is shown as a pod-caster this time. Her pod-cast co-host is a new character called Che Diaz. Diaz is a queer nonbinary comedian social media personality played by Sara Ramirez who you might remember as Callie Torres from Grey’s Anatomy.

Sarah Jessica Parker is also shown having a make-out sesh with Chris Noth who is reprising the role of Mr. Big. And just like that… we will soon see our favorite gals transition from navigating life, love, sex and friendship in their late twenties and 30s to navigating it in their 50s. Time Flies!

Get first look at the trailer below:

Are you excited for And Just Like That? What are your predictions on the characters? Let us know in the comments!

Shifa Jahan

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