Jake Paul recently found himself in yet another tricky situation. World Champion, Claressa Shields has now revealed in a Twitter post that she wants to sue Jake and his team.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist boxer Claressa Shields and Jake have beefed on social media for months. Shields has always made it clear that she’s not a fan of Paul’s and has said on several occasions that she would welcome a boxing session with the YouTube sensation.

Claressa Shields who is also known as T-Rex is regarded by many as the greatest women’s boxer ever. A few days after the BAVAFA Sports Twitter account claimed T-Rex has tried to “be a part of a Jake Paul event,” her manager took to Twitter to threaten Jake’s company. Paul is managed by the company, which is headed by Nakisa Bidarian.

Shields later took to Twitter to reveal that she was about to sue Jake and his team after denying that she’s ever tried to fight on Paul’s undercard. “Never have I ever,” Shields tweeted. “I’m bout Sue @jakepaul & his team for defamation and of character cause I ain’t never asked to be on no undercard of no YouTuber!”


Fans were quick to support T-Rex and one replied to her tweet by saying, “The fact that these guys think it ok to constantly disrespect you like this, its unacceptable.” “They bout to have to write a check they a** gonna hate having to cash,” Shields responded. “Because you talk trash but lying on me is another story! I’m a BIG BOSS WITH A BIG LAWYER!”.

The beef between the duo is not has lasted for quite a long time. Last year, Shields invited Jake to step inside the ring with her. Fast forward one year and the heat has only seemingly increased between the two stars.

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