The Challenge : Spies Lies And Allies is about to reach its end. The second last episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” began with TJ Lavin’s “Night of Eliminations” delivered exactly what it promised in the cliffhanger from the previous week.

The first matchup was between Amanda Garcia and Tori Deal. All went well for Tori until she was accused of betraying her friends during the men’s face off between Emanuel Neagu and Devin Walker.

Amanda picks Tori and it happened to be physical, Emmanuel picks Devin and it turns out to be a puzzle. The puzzle was tough for both the men. Tori said it was the most difficult matchup for her to watch as it featured her closest friend in the house, Devin, and the guy she’d been building a romantic connection with, Emanuel.

Tori called out to Emanuel the solution to his puzzle a few times during the elimination. This made her co-stars to call her out and express their shock at her betrayal. Devin ended up winning narrowly and after the episode aired, Tori opened up about her actions online.

On her Instagram Story, Tori posted a photo of her and Emanuel over which she wrote: “It was incredibly hard to watch this elimination and I let my emotions get the best of me. Even though I care deeply about Emanuel and clearly wanted him in the game, I should never have interjected in this elimination. Although I did ball my eyes out when you went home“.

Tori addressed Devin in the next slide; “You deserved a better friend tonight Dave. The grace that you’ve shown me, and how quickly you forgave me speaks volumes to your character. Thank you for seeing the best in me during my worst moments. I know you’re over my apologies, but you deserve a public one”.

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Shifa Jahan

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